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10 Most Common Dream Symbols

What did you dream last night? If you remember, it was probably an important dream, a communication from your psychic core whose meaning holds clues to your deepest thoughts about the past and fondest hopes for the future.

Remembering your dreams is a far cry from understanding them, though. Here are the ten most common dream symbols, and the underlying meanings that can help you crack the code and interpret these psychic messages that your own subconscious is sending you!

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This dream symbol concerns your body. Is the house in your dream being built or improved? This could mean you're about to join a gym or begin a new exercise regime. A burning house is a warning to avoid wild partying. An image of many people walking into a house is a symbol of searching for your one true love. Dreaming of a mansion indicates someone will fall in love with you for who you really are.

It's the classic embarrassment dream, but take heart: whether you're caught wearing underwear in public or are holding underwear as you search for something else, the symbol is unmistakable: underwear represents coming success. There is a fearless sense of accomplishment in every underwear dream; whether it's terrifying or mundane, the results are the same: what is close to you and hidden is suddenly revealed. Accomplishments are close at hand.

Dreaming of a parent symbolizes internal self-discipline, limitations that are about to be imposed. This is an excellent dream symbol if you're starting a diet or getting serious about pursuing a new career in the arts, athletics or academia. Any endeavor requiring serious personal discipline can be confidently undertaken soon after dreaming of a parent.

Deceased friend or relative
This is actually as good a dream omen as you can have. This dream symbol, grim though it may feel to the dreamer, signals that you're about to undergo a pleasant change. Whether your life is about to find you refinancing your house, getting married or being promoted to a new job, the dearly departed symbolize nothing but the best aspects of personal and/or professional change and evolution.

This very common dream symbol is a psychic indicator that play time is going to begin soon. Many workaholics tend to dream of a young child just before beginning a vacation or a taking a long-delayed day off. Children recurring in your dreams suggests that you'll soon have a lot of free time on your hands. Thus, situations like job layoffs or extended travel plans can be extrapolated from this dream symbol.

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You will be singled out within a day or two of having this dream, and the higher and faster you fly in your unconscious that night, the more intense your moment in the public eye will be. Perhaps you'll be asked to make a last-minute presentation or find your picture posted on a widely visited website. So when you have this dream and then wake up back on the ground, you may as well take a few minutes to look your best for the coming acclaim.

Dreaming of being in a moving car is a psychic indicator of coming physical passion. The difference between puttering along in the family SUV and roaring down a highway in a Ferrari is the difference between a pleasant handholding at the mall and a weekend in Vegas with the passion partner of your dreams. There is definitely a seatbelt of a different sort to fasten when you awaken from a dream that finds you moving along the open road.

Far from indicating financial gain, money in a nighttime dream often represents a diet you're suffering through (or not suffering through) in the real world. If you dream of riches, notice that you'll soon find yourself enjoying a lavish feast at a fancy restaurant. Dreaming of an empty piggybank or other forms of impoverishment, by contrast, means you need to go the grocery store soon, or that you know deep down that it's time for some lean cuisine.

Recurring Neighborhood
A whole neighborhood, city or other locale that exists only in your dream life -- sometimes even as the setting for a series of dreams -- represents good luck. Each time you revisit this magical place that exists only in your own soul, you're refreshing your psychic potential and reveling in all that life has to offer. The "dream place" is one of the most optimistic scenarios found in nocturnal symbolism.

Dreaming that you're in school (or, more often, back in school long after you've left) symbolizes a coming gift. Many women dream they're back in high school for several days before their boyfriends propose to them. But the majority of dreams involving schools simply mean that a friendly present is on its way. A dream of an unfamiliar school means a surprise is coming. Revisiting your old stomping grounds at night indicates that you're expecting a gift soon -- and that it will arrive on schedule.

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