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Soulmate in the Stars

"When will I find my soulmate?"

Of all the subjects people bring up with their Psychic, romance and relationship questions are by far the most common. Over and over, Psychics report, someone will begin a reading with questions on issues ranging from work to family to friends -- and then abruptly switch the conversation to what's really on their mind, love.

Now an ordinary Psychic reading has become a Psychic love reading, with its own rules and patterns. Your understanding can mean the difference between an ordinary reading and one that helps your fondest romantic dreams come true.

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In the Psychic plane, the general belief is that every human being has around 100,000 potential soulmates worldwide -- and perhaps a million people with whom you could happily, and lastingly, fall in love. When your love Psychic focuses his or her consciousness on your romantic partnership energy, it becomes quite a crowded psychic plane!

So how does a psychic sift through all this potential for reality? Well, potential lovers who are already spoken for are, of course, quickly eliminated, and a good Psychic knows how to disqualify players and casual Casanovas. One Psychic tells of seeing an excellent match for a client in her office. He was at a desk at the other side of the room, and seemed like a perfect physical and spiritual match. This Psychic knew how important long-term commitment was to her client, and felt so much "player" energy emanating from this so-called perfect match that she couldn't bring herself to make what she knew could well be a doomed connection.

Your love Psychic may next ask a few "big picture" questions, such as whether you're planning on doing any traveling. Are there any relatives you'll be visiting, or is there a business meeting that will take you out of town? A brief, innocuous trip to somewhere out of the ordinary could be the trigger for a major life change; "the brightest stars," one Psychic says, metaphorically describing the rhythm of the cosmos, "shine in the dullest parts of the sky."

Once your near-term geographical location has been established, your Psychic can begin to talk timing. When it comes to romance in '02, the zodiac's signs will be processing psychic energy based on individual elements. Check your element below to understand the nuances of what your Psychic will be explaining during your Psychic Love Reading.

Fire Signs
If you're a Leo, Aries or Sagittarius, your Psychic love reading will focus on what you should actively do to be discovered by your soulmate. Your Psychic will discuss the details of how you should be seeking, finding, pursuing and capture this special someone!

Earth Signs
For Taurus, Virgo and Capricorn, your Psychic love reading will discuss timing within the practical parameters of what you're seeking. Your Psychic already knows you'll be assessing your soulmate's potential, so love at first sight will focus on finding the moments when you and your soulmate are at your best.

Air Signs
Gemini, Aquarius and Libra think too much when it comes to timing, so your Psychic love reading will be designed to encourage your ability to experience situations in which information is purely felt, rather than being delivered in a way that can be logically analyzed. When you think as little as possible, perfection might just appear!

Water Signs
Everybody knows how much Cancer, Scorpio and Pisces feel. Your Psychic love reading will seek to reinforce your willingness to trust your own sixth sense when a potential soulmate is lurking around the corner. It's an elusive feeling, but it's one that you'll need to know throughout your being when it arrives. Helping you come to trust it will be your Psychic's most important task.

Will today's spark turn into your longtime flame?
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