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passion papers
Amber and Paul: a Psychic's true love story
by Ask Mat

Yes, I'm a telephone psychic. That means different things to different people -- and not all the implications are positive. But I've had plenty of positive experiences, and I'd like to relate one of my own happier stories here.

Early last year, I got a call from a young woman named Amber (I've changed the names in this story, but not the details). Amber had met a man named Paul recently, and she had lots of the usual questions: Could this really be the right guy for her? Was she really in love? Did she want to be? Was now the right time? And was this the right man? And how could she tell?

Why was she so stressed? Two reasons. One, Amber was a classic victim of high expectations. She was enrolled in a difficult psychology program at a top college. In fact, she was the first woman in her family to go to an Ivy League school. But these days her focus was anywhere but the books.

Paul was a kind man. They'd met two months ago and within days it seemed as if this was what her whole life had been leading up to. When she tried to study, whether in class, at the library or at home, she'd find her mind wandering to Paul, this lovely man who accepted her for who she was, with no concern for her social status or physical attributes.

But here's the second reason: Paul was a handyman.

And this was a problem. For Amber had been raised to believe that someone like this was "beneath" her. She'd always figured that she would marry a doctor or lawyer or businessman.

But it was clear to me as soon as we began talking that she really might love this guy. And now all the explanations in her psychology books of how emotions like love were produced through brain chemistry were of no use. Amber needed help. How could she know if this man really was her soulmate?

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Amber's academic colleagues would have laughed if they'd known she was calling a psychic. But she'd taken a chance and I was happy to help. She was clearly intelligent, and the pressures she felt due to her background were real. Sadly, as a psychic, I could also feel the lack of love in Amber's life to date.

"There's an old saying," I told her. "'Nature abhors a vacuum.'" From the way she laughed, I knew Amber understood what I was saying -- the vacuum was in her heart, and this man Paul had rushed in to fill it.

It may sound silly to say I "see" visions, but sometimes I do, and I've learned to trust them. And when I looked into Amber's future during this first call, I saw two clear paths. One was the safe path of social acceptance. It led to a pleasant house, a quaint village, a happy life. The other was the path of love. This one wasn't as straight, or as easy to navigate -- but it led to the same place as the more conventional route!

I believed that a relationship between Amber and Paul might be difficult but it would still lead to a happy life. "This is a soulmate," I told her. "A once in a lifetime soulmate." I could sense her delight -- but it was quickly replaced with fear. Amber's resistance to change took over, and the call ended quickly after that.

Later, she told me what happened next: within a few days, she was more miserable than ever. She avoided Paul and made overtures to a more socially acceptable classmate. When she made her next call to me, her unhappiness was obvious, and so was the solution. "Go to your soulmate," I insisted, "or you'll never be happy!"

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Then I had another vision of the two paths. The safe path was inundated with rain, the house soaked, leaking, dangerous. The less-traveled path, on the other hand, now had a canopy of trees and, frolicking along it, a young woman with short red hair. "Do you have short red hair?" I asked Amber. "No," she said; "I have long red hair, and I'd never cut it!" I wasn't fazed. "Yes, you will," I told her, "and the day you do will be the day the world accepts Paul as your partner." Across thousands of miles, I could clearly see Amber's skeptical expression.

Weeks went by before Amber called again, and when she did, she was very excited. She'd been with her stylist that afternoon, and a small accident with the scissors had left her with no option but to go for a radically short hairstyle. "You told me it would work out, but never this good," she said. "I left my stylist and went to lunch with my mother. She's in a wheelchair. So it turns out, just a few days before, she'd had a handyman come out and fix it, and she couldn't say enough nice things about this guy!"

I laughed heartily, knowing instantly the identity of the man who'd fixed her mother's wheelchair, and more or less how the rest of the story would play out after that…

It's been months since that last call, but I still get emails from Amber from time to time. She and Paul are now engaged, and though they've had the usual relationship difficulties, she feels surer than ever that this really is the man she belongs with.

I've been doing this for years now, and I'm still not sure what it is that a psychic really does, other than sensing, through careful reading of the timbre of a caller's voice and the details of what they have to say, what someone is thinking and feeling -- sometimes even before they realize it themselves. Does that make me a miracle worker? Hardly. But when I get email from someone like Amber, and know that in some small way, I helped her find her way along her life's true path, I can't imagine spending my own life doing anything else.

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