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Fashion for Passion!

Your astrology sign can tell you who you're compatible with, but are you using your zodiac profile to dress to make this Mr. Right notice you? Read on to find your zodiac sign's sexy fashion secrets, and start dressing for romantic success!

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All black attire has a special effect on the Ram. Those who aren't
compatible with you won't notice you, while your good astrological matches will see the real you without being distracted by color or ornamentation. Adopt the art world's sleek and sophisticated look and meet your love masterpiece

The Bull's fashion secret for attracting a lover is imply access with
shirts that feature laces or strings. Letting Mr. Right see how to untie your clothing is the zodiac's way of giving him the idea of tying the knot with you somewhere down the road. You can lace yourself up as tight as you'd like tonight, but you'll win a lover over by keeping those strings in sight!

No matter what you put on, it's not enough. Chatty, upbeat Gemini melts hearts and seduces lovers quite easily. Any potential lover must be able to handle your high intensity, so deck yourself out with as many accessories as possible. Hair clips, rings, large, jingly earrings and fine-art jewelry necklaces will attract a soulmate who appreciates your diverse personality.

The turtleneck was practically invented for the Crab; the future lover out there who realizes that there's more to you than meets the eye is the kind of man you want climbing into your shell! A sleeveless summer turtleneck will make you look sexy and sophisticated -- and have one potential soulmate after another crawling over to seek you out.

Let them know you've arrived with all the day-glo shirts, pants and
accessories you can afford. The Lion's fluorescent personality radiates out from your center, and letting a future soulmate know how brilliant you are ahead of time will attract the one who's dying to bask in the glory that is you. Brighten your love life by brightening your wardrobe!

You needn't wait for the launch of a trendy sitcom called That '40s Show to adopt the fashion sensibility of the Glenn Miller era. Showing off your sophistication by looking smart is a subtle way to attract the lover who'll be your intellectual equal, a social companion and a physical dream. Jitterbug, anyone?

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A sexy new leopard skin coat or blouse will have potential suitors roaring with approval. Push the edge with some leather pants or a velvet skirt. Libra's natural tendency towards relationships makes finding a partner no problem; the challenge is to find someone who can take the good with the bad and appreciate you for who you are, no matter how close to the edge you may go.

The inspiration for Scorpio's fashion zodiac lies within the hip-hop universe. The baggier the better. Your clothes should create a mystery as to what's underneath; keeping your potential paramour guessing is the best way to collect enough data from him to determine whether he's a commitment-worthy soulmate or just another broken-down break dancer.

Time to take a groovy trip down flashback lane. Sagittarians should get in touch with the Sixties: grab those tie-dye shirts, Beatle boots and flowers for your hair. Let your locks grow and your inhibitions go and your soulmate will be fascinated with your recreation of a bygone era. You'll be chanting "Make Love Not War" in no time!

The Goat's innate fashion sense has your look down to a science. There's no need to depart from your traditional garb to attract a lover: simply accentuate it with silver and leather. A big metal belt buckle and a sleek leather purse could be the small differences between the Goat finding a partner in the pasture or munching grass alone.

The Aquarian's eccentric nature is best expressed in fashion by
shopping at thrift stores for that mix-and-match thing. Packaging yourself as unique is the best way for the Water Bearer to attract the lover who'll always appreciate your individualism and creativity. A soulmate seeking someone special will gravitate towards your funky wardrobe!

Yo, Fish -- it's all about the shoes. Every Pisces knows that a standout pair are what separates the girls who go home from the ones who go home with numbers and email addresses of potential amores. The secret to choosing well? Follow your hunches, not the fashion glossies. Gaudy platforms are still in, as are classic black stiletto heels. Thin straps and a pedicure will melt the heart of your future soulmate.

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