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Your '03 Love Forecast!

The upcoming year could be the peak of your love life -- or it could be the pits. How to tell ahead of time? Astrology can determine which zodiac signs will see the planets lining up in their favor -- and which could spend next year hiding underneath their bed! Find your sign below to learn when love is most likely to blossom for you!

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Love in 2002 was devoted to the pursuit of physical pleasure. Maybe a little too devoted; your prospects for lasting love hinge on your being more disciplined next year. From April 22 through May 16, Venus will be in your sign; anyone flirting with you could have serious intentions. From September 16 through October 10, your life turns toward partnership.

For the Bull, 2002 couldn't have ended soon enough. Partnerships may have gone awry near year's end, but October '03 will see a better replay, a peaceful solution to all things involving your romantic relationships. In the middle of May, though, you may become the object of someone else's desire, perhaps a good-looking Scorpio or Capricorn. This could lead to a passionate summer.

June of 2003 will be the month that reminds you of how wonderful true love can be. Who will you get there with? Perhaps someone you initially meet during the upcoming holiday season. In fact, next summer may be warm, but for Geminis, it won't be as hot as the winter that begins the New Year. You are likely to form a tight bond with a small circle of friends this year, and any new lover you take up with will probably have many of the same interests as your pleasant new little clique.

The Crab may not have as good a 2003 as they did in 2002, but your financial situation will improve so thoroughly that you may forego the pleasures love has to offer under normal astrological conditions. You might have to wait until December anyway, so make this a year of planning for the future so that when you do fall in love (and 2004 has its moments), a foundation to build on has been taken care of.

This year may have a lot of lust in it, and even some passionate attraction, but after the debacle of late-2002 - when Venus in Scorpio rewrites your public image in a way that makes you attractive to all the wrong people - you are best advised to take the year of 2003 off and enjoy reinventing yourself to attract a partner in the future. Going into 2004, a new lover could appear from an old friendship.

April is the coolest month to spend with a person you like. The days will start to grow longer as your affection grows. Plan ahead for 2003, as the final months of 2002 will create too much chaos in your family and friends to really be able to find love. The Springtime, though, will renew all of your hopes and confidence. Virgo is one sign that can pay attention to the details, so set up your calendar now to be open for new experiences and dating by late March

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Venus is Libra's ruling planet, which is why the sign of the scales may always seem to be in love. The last two months of 2002 will challenge you as a lover, so 2003 looks to be a breeze by comparison. April and May will be the best months to find a new partner, and September 16th through October 10th will be a fabulous time to look your best and let love find you.

Your transition from naivete to veteran of love will take place at the end of 2002, so 2003 will be like your first year in the real world of amore. Prepare now for a spring time of pursuit, as someone you are in love with falls for someone close to you and all the while, someone you barely know professes and eternal lust for you! Chaos like this will be quite time-consuming.

Your fickleness in love will cost you dearly in late 2002, as a true catch gives up waiting for you to commit. 2003 will be a year of recovery from this recent love incident. If you can spend some time getting over it to the point that your loss in love is not the main topic of conversation, look for November, 2003 to be the best time to reignite passion and partnership.

After the public squabbling that sours love in the waning months of 2002, look for 2003 to take off like a rocket. February is a month that will see you looking better than ever before, and better than everyone else. But the magic doesn¹t stop there. Look for love to challenge you with more permanent possibilities throughout July. But to top it off, November is the month of long stem roses and chocolates that signal a passionate love affair is boiling over.

Most of 2003 will be about an eccentric partnership. You will hit the new year with a fresh attitude, your appearance probably sees a little shakeup in November or December 2002, so the new you is ready for love in the new year, and looking the part. March will make you as lovable as you have ever been, but the wild fluctuations and instability of a partner may make it all a gamble of whether or not you will be enjoying things. After August, things will stabilize and a peaceful Autumn is guaranteed.

Late August of 2003 will see Pisces receiving attention that can be harnessed into a love relationship. After ending 2002 on a sour note of love lost, the sign of the Fish can be comforted by knowing that the later months of the new year will be very kind in the affection department. In fact, you may get revisited by an old flame, hungry and sad and begging for forgiveness. Welcome to the driver's seat known as the year 2003.

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