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Q: Dear Storm: 

I moved away to get away from a woman who has cause me much anger. On Sunday, I heard her voice in front of my house. I live in a back house and the front house was having a BBQ. The next day I asked the lady was that person Sheila, at her BBQ and she she yes. She said that she didn't know her but she came with somebody across the street. How and why is this woman coming here? For me or what? Her name Sheilaand her birthdate is 07/25/56. I move because she likes to start trouble and I am trying to keep from myself from going to jail.



A: Dear Linda

First of all, I get the feeling that this woman knows where your goat is and where it's tied up. As a result of this she knows how to push every button that you have. Although, I do feel that Sheila is around you just to frustrate you and to infiltrate your life again, the best thing for you to do is to completely ignore her and she will go away. There is no reason to go to jail for this type of an individual. I would simply just cut yourself off from even thinking about her. If you do not play then she won't continue bothering you.

                              -- Storm

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