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Here's what your cards have to say today…

The Moon rules the world of shadow and night. Enchanting, it causes us to dream but also to be deceived. Moonlight can cause the familiar to look new and different. As the ruler of the unconscious, the Moon card often refers to creativity and psychic abilities. On the positive side, the Moon can represent mothers, travelers, psychics, artists and star-crossed lovers. On the negative side, it can represent con men, liars, imposters and impractical dreamers. If you are wondering if someone is lying to you, this card indicates that they are.Be careful not to let false ideas and images confuse you. Be especially wary of confusion resulting from your own fantasies and self-deception.

The Lovers card represents all that one would expect--love, friendship, marriage, sexuality, and the tree of life. The Lovers may also turn up at moral and ethical crossroads, representing major decisions, ordeals, duality, short trips and the road less taken. Their nakedness shows their freedom from ego and facade. Often times this card acts as a reminder to be true to oneself. A decision is at hand. Figure out where you stand. Acknowledge both the importance of establishing bonds as well being true to yourself.

Suspended from one leg, the Hanged Man calmly contemplates the universe and focus on enlightenment. Mysterious and disturbing, he symbolizes the paradox that is existence. This card reveals that if we desire to move forward, we must stand still. The Hanged Man reminds us that the obvious answers are not always the correct ones. Real answers come when we open ourselves to a higher wisdom. There is a lot going on behind the present lack of action. Prepare yourself for great changes.
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