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Here's what your cards have to say today…

The Empress is the great Earth Mother and represents abundance, fertility and life. She heals and nurtures, freely giving and receiving love. Through hard work, she has had much success and is willing to help others. A wife, mother, career woman, the Empress is grounded in life.You will now reap the rewards of your hard work in the past. Keep your feet firmly planted in the ground.

This card is about the personal demons that confront us all: addiction; cruelty dependency; fear; greed; guilt; hopelessness; ignorance; materialism; obsession; pessimism; self-doubt; selfishness and more. The Devil card shows us that we are caught in an unhealthy situation. We all make errors and go down the wrong path at times. This card informs us that we must examine our situation and ourselves very carefully to separate the true from the false.Success will be achieved only with moderation, organization, and self-discipline.

An unexpected bolt of lightening destroys the enduring Tower. Drastic changes can interrupt life without warning. If you donít like change, you had better learn to at least accept it--fast. Sudden crises and emotional outbursts force us to wake up. Keep in mind that change is necessary so try to find a positive aspect in upheaval. The changes indicated arenít always of a catastrophic nature: a new job, the banishment of illusions, and the clearing away of negative karma can be on the horizon.Clinging to your old goals will prevent you from taking advantage of future opportunities.
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